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MONTH: February 2019

22 February 2019

5 Best Tips to Build a Nurse-Patient Relationship

Having a strong relationship with your patients helps in fostering strong harmony. It helps nurses in understanding the physical and mental state of patients better making day to day interactions more interactive.

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18 February 2019

Nursing Bag Technique - Advanced Step-by-Step Guide

It is essential for every nurse to know about the bag technique. It is a technique which allows nurses to easily perform nursing procedures and duties to a patient. Typically, a nursing bag is used by those individuals who are assigned duty of visiting a patient's home. The visiting staff transport all the tools and equipment required to perform nursing procedures in the bag. It is also called as a medical or supply bag.

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08 February 2019

How to Decide Which Nursing Career Is Right for Your

When you decide to pursue a career in nursing, you have already chosen a tough path. But, this is just a beginning. The next big decision you have to think about is which nursing specialty is right for you. With so many options available, it might get overwhelming for you to choose the right option. Before proceeding, it is important to know that there is 'never' a 'right' time to finalize what you really want to do.

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04 February 2019

Tips to Look Good and Cute in Scrubs

Tips to Look Good and Cute in Scrubs

As a nurse, it is your job to keep others healthy, happy and safe. However, you need to ensure that you do all this without compromising on your personal comfort and style For nurses, scrubs are a professional wardrobe essential...

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