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A Day in the Life of a Nurse

14 March

A Day in the Life of a Nurse

Nursing is one of the most demanding profession where nurses have to be on their toes to offer best medical services to patients. On an average, a nurse spends 12+ hours a day within the medical facility. Running around to save lives, assisting the paramedical staff and doctors, and helping patients with their everyday needs.

Morning Routine

The day of a nurse starts with a dose of caffeine to keep them going through the toughest of shifts. Next up, they quickly have their breakfast and start pondering upon what to wear to work. Since a nurse has to look impressive in order to reflect upon the decorum of the medical fraternity, choosing the right scrub set can make all the difference. Nurses are often seen looking out for functional yet trendy scrubs and other medical essentials that enhance their professionalism at work. Pulse Uniform is giving them the access to convenient, reliable and hassle free shopping of their medical uniforms by introducing #PusleAPP that deliver high quality uniforms with one touch away.

Routine of a Nurse at Work

After rummaging through the wardrobe, a nurse makes her/his way to work. This is where the tiresome routine starts. The day starts with taking charge from another fellow colleague. The peer will give a quick rundown of the patients and the dosage administered to keep the new nurse at pace with the treatment. Once the responsibilities are handed over, it's now time for them to take charge.

While this may not be a compulsion, but a compassionate nurse will go to each patient asking them about their progress. She/he will maintain a record of all the patients, and update the files so that the doctors can easily monitor the updates. From feeding the patients, administering dosage, assisting the concerned family members, the day is filled with activities that require mental and physical attention. While these are the regular activities that are part and parcel of the life of a nurse, but it doesn't end here. Often a nurse has to do additional duties such as assist emergency patients if need be. Moreover, overtime is a part and parcel of their everyday regime. Considering how noble this profession is, a nurse has to be work day in and day out for the welfare of the humanity at large.

When the day ends and it's time to bid farewell, a nurse is extremely exhausted. This makes it extremely difficult for them to plan anything else. Therefore, they are often looking for fast and convenient options that serve the purpose.

A Convenient Shopping Solution for Nurses

To expedite their shopping experience, Pulse Uniform is coming up with an intuitive application that is designed to make shopping easier, fun and rewarding. Order from your smartphone anytime, anywhere and leverage from enticing deals. No need to spare time and browse the web. No matter where you are, with a few taps from your Android smartphones you can now order your favorite scrubs for men and women with fast shipping and 100% customer satisfaction.