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Here's Why Hospitals Should Provide Their Employees with Scrubs

26 August

Here's Why Hospitals Should Provide Their Employees with Scrubs

Have you ever found your employees demanding for medical scrubs as part of their work benefits? Well rightly so, those healthcare facilities that provide medical uniforms to their staff have observed enhanced comfort, confidence and improved professional appearance.

If your healthcare facility does not offer medical scrubs to staff members, you are likely to be risking enticing the right talent. Working in the healthcare field, medical staff is exposed to several contaminants that require stringent hygiene protocols to be followed. By offering medical scrubs to your staff and ensuring that they are properly laundered and sanitized, you not only help them save on money spent on scrubs but also gain their loyalty.

If your institution is still contemplating to offer medical scrubs to employees, below are some benefits of doing so:

Better Employee Retention

For most healthcare workers, it is extremely difficult to purchase their medical scrubs on and off. Some hospitals do provide stipends for scrubs, but that does not essentially cover the overall costs incurred. Moreover, scrubs can be expensive if they require custom embroidery. Those healthcare facilities that stock medical scrubs for their staff provide clean uniforms to their staff daily.

Today, healthcare employees consider this to be an added perk that helps them choose those organization that give this benefit. Considering that healthcare experts already follow a tedious routine, this small benefit helps them save costs, ensures a steady supply of clean medical scrubs and saves them the time they spend on preparing for work. This gives them more time to feel secure at their workplace and gives the employer a competitive edge.

Enhance Professionalism

Having medical scrubs allow employers to manage their branding efficiently. Also, it enhances the professional appeal of the staff members ensuring uniformity across the institution. Generally, when you see a bunch of nurses wearing multicolored or differed scrub tops, it becomes extremely difficult for patients to determine their role within the healthcare facility.

It is believed the clean, color coded and uniformed scrubs help to promote a homogenous culture within the hospital. Moreover, it helps to create a perception that you can rely on the team.

When you are choosing colored scrubs, the impact it has on our cognition may not be the first thing to ignite curiosity. However, according to various researchers, the colors we choose to wear has a sound impact on our mindset subconsciously.

Prevents Contamination

Cleanliness is extremely in medical settings, where a regulated mechanism for sanitized scrubs suffices the need and meets the industry protocols. Employees are often concerned whether it is safe for them to take their scrubs home due to the health hazard.

When an organization gives clean and laundered scrubs to their employees, they curb the spread of bacteria from the workplace to their households. Also, this helps in ensuring that their scrubs are clean when they arrive to their workplace.

Regulated and Quality Control Mechanism for Medical Scrub Sanitization

In the healthcare sector, it is extremely important to adhere to the OSHA standards. By having an employee medical uniform program in place, you can reduce the chances of contamination and also monitor your day to day operations.

If you are already managing a uniform program, or plan to start one, below are some considerations that you need to take into account:

  1. Make sure that the uniforms are never mixed with any other medical scrubs. The company you opt go for sanitization purposes need to follow the guidelines for maintaining hygiene. They need to be flexible to accommodate your needs. Moreover, a good laundry service will allow you to tour their facility. They will clear any doubts that you might have and give a demo of how standards are met. All in all, you wouldn't really want your lab coats to be washed with the coveralls of a mechanic.
  2. Your uniform need to be sorted on the basis of material and contaminants alongside being separated from out uniforms. Often medical experts come in contact with a variety of hazardous substance including blood and other bodily fluids. So to deal with such contaminants, specific detergents and washing processes are required. Therefore, the partner needs to ensure that specialized care is provided to breakdown any stains.

Inspection of Medical Uniforms

Quality control is not just limited to the washing process. It is essential to conduct multiple inspections throughout the process of the wash to ensure the safety of your garments. Thereby, any wrinkles, loose button, pulls, tears, etc. should never be a part of your delivery.

After the wash, steam and press, all garments need to be inspected again. Then, they can be packaged according to the company's standard.