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Guide For Buying Scrubs: Points to Consider When Buying Scrubs

23 September

Guide For Buying Scrubs: Points to Consider When Buying Scrubs

Buying scrubs for a nurse is part and parcel of their work regime. However, when you buy scrubs for your job or med school, you need to take any dress code standards set by your nursing school, training facility or employer into consideration. For instance, your employer may allow you to wear colored scrubs but may not be comfortable with patterned or printed scrubs.

Some healthcare providers do not restrict their employees from wearing their preferred scrubs, which itself can make scrub shopping a lot of fun. With so many options available online to choose from, nurses can now orders their scrubs from the comfort of their homes in a variety of styles, fit, colors and patterns.

Here are a few different types of scrub options available readily and certain aspects you need to consider while placing your order:

White Scrubs

If your employer only allows you to wear white scrubs to work, make sure to invest in scrubs that are safe to bleach. Make sure to check the fabric specification, if the fabric tends to shrink, it is wiser to order a size larger.

A good nursing scrub is one that can be hand washed, air dried and worn without any persistent ironing needs. Check to see if the laundry instruction indicate that the scrubs are wash and wear.

Unisex Scrubs

Today, majority of nurses prefer to wear unisex scrubs. While the term unisex scrubs has the connotation that both men and women can wear it but these are not essentially monotonous, masculine scrubs.

Unisex scrubs are now available in a variety of styles and designs that can be worn by both sexes. Since they are engineered keeping both genders in mind, they definitely don't feature a lot of feminine accents. Ideally, unisex scrubs are best for those who desire performance and comfort.

Colored Scrubs

If you are allowed to wear colored scrubs to work, make sure to check what colors are allowed. A quick search on Google will help you determine matching color schemes for scrub pants and tops giving your personality an edgy look. Moreover, you can also check whether your employer prefers any particular scrub brand or type to shop accordingly.

An important aspect when shopping for colored scrubs is that they shouldn't bleed. There is nothing worse than a scrub with bleeding color patches. It is smarter to invest in scrub that are high quality so that the product is longer lasting.

Functional Scrubs With Pockets

For nurses on the go, investing in scrubs that are equipped with functional pockets is extremely important. Nurses carry several essentials which need to be kept safely and within close reach. Today, you can find scrubs with pockets for essentials, iPads, and more making it easier for nurses to perform better on field.

Investing In Quality Scrubs

There are a variety of scrubs available to meet different budgets and preferences. It is advised to not compromise on quality for quantity. While it may seem a smart choice to invest in cheaper scrubs in more quantity, but the longevity needs to be considered. Having scrubs that last wash after wash will offer more value and enhance your appeal at your workplace.

If you are new to buying scrubs, it is advised to order a few from each brand. Once you try them out and experience the quality on field, you can always place an order for more.

Get Scrubs That Fit Well

If you are ordering in store, it is advisable to try the scrubs before you actually purchase them. However, it is understandable that nurses are often busy and do not have time for in-person shopping. Thereby, ordering your scrubs online is also possibility. Make sure to check the size chart before ordering to get a great fit.

Today, some online scrub vendors are also offer Custom Scrubs that are tailored according to your own measurements. This way, you get to invest in scrubs that are solely made for you, keeping you at ease through the toughest of shifts.

Make Your Scrubs Your Style Statement

Do not compromise on your style quotient when you invest in scrubs. If, your employee has restrictions when it comes to fashion scrubs, then there's no other option. Else, with so many cute accents like mesh panels, trendy neckline, color blocking, Princess Seaming and more, you are bound to make a statement at work.

Shopping On A Bargain Thrifty

If you are tight on a budget, it is always a good idea to shop your scrubs on a bargain. Annually, many scrub vendors come with sales on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas or nursing Week, making it easier for you to splurge then.

Deals like free shipping, buy one get one free, and percentage discounts are a great way to make some savings while buying your scrubs.

Shopping for scrubs is fun provided you take little care while making the decision. Today, with so many options for nursing wear available online, the possibilities are endless.