Pulse Uniform - Medical Nursing scrubs
Pulse Uniform - Medical Nursing scrubs


29 OCTOBER 2016

These 5 Healthy Exercises Will Help You Avoid Stroke

Swimmer Under Water in Pool

Your health revolves around your heart that powers your entire body. Therefore, it is your primary responsibility to keep your heart healthy and happy. However, there is a significant number of patients dying due to heart stroke. According to...

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27 OCTOBER 2016

4 Time Management Tips You Need To Try Today

In Time

As a Nurse, your routine is very busy and demanding. In a split second your day can change vastly, and you'd have to push tasks to make room for duties that take priority over others. This hectic routine and...

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24 OCTOBER 2016

5 Ways to Decrease Stress That Actually Work

Portrait of young female looking at camera while training on simulator in gym

Medical professionals are always on their toes, running around filling charts, attending to patients, standing in extra-long surgeries or stepping in for emergency shifts. They always have to be focused and give all their attention because one mistake can...

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21 OCTOBER 2016

7 Quick and Healthy Snacks to Pack for Work

healthy snack
When you're rushing out the door for your shift, it may be easier to grab a candy bar or a bag of chips than to prepare healthy snacks. Preparing some healthy snacks for work, though, can help you eat... Read More
19 OCTOBER 2016

7 Tips for Staying Healthy While Working with the Sick

Happy man working on laptop
If you're in the medical profession, you work with people who are ill all the time. It can be difficult knowing how to avoid getting sick when you're working not only with people who are unwell, but also with... Read More
18 OCTOBER 2016

Meal Prepping Tips to Make Your Week Easier

Healthy eating
If you work in the medical field, you already know how essential it is to learn how to eat healthier foods. In fact, in your professional life, you may regularly see the effects of an unhealthy diet. The trouble... Read More
13 OCTOBER 2016

How to Maintain Relationships While Working Hectic Hours

Closeup portrait overwhelmed with busy schedule health care professional doctor, nurse, dentist with stethoscope holding alarm clock running out of time having headache isolated black grey background

Pretty much everyone agrees that medical professionals save lives and do an incalculable service to the communities where they work and live. Unfortunately, medical professionals also tend to be self-sacrificing and give of themselves so much that sometimes their...

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06 OCTOBER 2016

7 Ways to Express Your Style in Color-Coded Scrubs

Medical professionals often spend a lot of time in scrubs. In fact, nurses and other professionals may spend most of their day in these clothes. Scrubs are practical and can look professional, but it can be a challenge to...

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