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31 December 2020

Tips for Pediatric Nurses to Make Their Child Patients Happy

Hospital visits can be uncomfortable, regardless of the age of patients. However, when it comes to paeds, the experience can be more traumatic. Apart of the reason behind the visit, which can be extremely stressful, they are exposed to...

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21 December 2020

4 Medical Tests That You Should Have Year

To ensure your health and wellbeing, getting your annual regular check-up is extremely important. If you meet with a healthcare professional on regular intervals, they can detect the disease in its initial stages. If a patient gets accurate health...

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30 November 2020

The 2021 Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Stethoscopes

For medical professionals, a stethoscope is an important equipment to perform their duties in the healthcare sector. Being a medical practitioner, the services you offer do not just rely on your skills, but also the quality of the equipment you use...

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18 November 2020

Tips to Pick the Best Color Scrubs for You

Most hospitals have predefined rules pertaining to the specific colored scrubs their employee's cam wear. At times, this is different for people deployed in different departments this makes it easier for surgeons and...

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29 October 2020

Here's why Clean Scrubs Are an Essential for Nurses

Scrubs are the most important uniform for nurses. Ironically, regardless of how important scrubs are, they are often overlooked by nurses in terms of looking presentable. Once you complete your long work shift, your scrubs are likely to be in the ugliest of shape...

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21 October 2020

7 Things Nurses Should Know To Make Their Shifts Easier

In nursing school, all of us have learnt organizational basics, it's now time to go back to them. Regardless of working for 8 hour or 12 hour long shifts, there are a few things that can help you make your work hours joyous and hassle free...

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