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21 December 2018

Things To Know Before Becoming a Correctional Nurse

Have you ever thought for serving the inmates confined within the prison? Have you ever considered the possibility of becoming a nurse for the criminals? Well if you are a nurse, one of the rewarding opportunities for you is to serve as a correctional nurse.

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10 December 2018

Awareness Ribbons Guide Colors and Meanings

In the healthcare sector, the use of colored ribbons helps in creating public awareness to disability, medical conditions, health and other issues. An awareness ribbon is simply a short piece of colored ribbon that is folded in a loop.

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19 November 2018

Biggest Sale Of The Year That No One Have Offered Before

Black Friday

With a visionary approach to offer the nursing sector with the best deals and value, Pulse Uniform is all set to reveal its Black Friday 2018 sales. Starting on November 23, 2018, our three day event is filled with amazing giveaways, unbeatable discounts and unmatchable savings.

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14 March 2018

How to Dress Your Body Type

How to Dress Your Body Type

Nursing is one of those professions where healthcare professionals remain constantly in contact with patients. In such a situation, it is important to dress appropriately to flatter, impress and nurture relationships. Often plus sized professionals feel that they don’t look flattering enough in scrubs. However, by dressing according to your body type, you will not only look great but feel more confident at work.

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27 FEB 2018

When Choosing Colors For Your Scrubs

When Choosing Colors For Your Scrubs

When choosing colors for your scrubs, its impact on our mind may not be the first thing to intrigue us. However, many researchers suggest that the color we choose has profound impact on our mindset subconsciously.

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21 FEB 2018

All You Need To Know About Fashion Scrubs

All You Need To Know About Fashion Scrubs

Back in the time, scrub tops were considered to be a monotonous uniform for nursing professionals. They came in solid colors and had a boxy fit. However, over the passage of time, nursing uniforms have evolved considerably, where they are now fashionable, urban, trendy, and guarantee a flattering fit. Such exclusive nursing scrubs that have a modern twist are often known as fashion scrubs...

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05 MAY 2017

9 Amazing Ideas to Make this Nurses Week More Special

Qualified nurses

Nurses Week- What is it? Nurses' week, is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated events in the world of medicine. It is celebrated to honor nurses for the exceptional services that they offer making them the backbone of the...

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11 APRIL 2017

Zika Virus Rash- Symptoms, Treatments, Causes, and Preventions

Zika Virus Rash, Zika Virus

What is Zika Virus rash? Zika Virus is one of the several diseases spread by mosquitoes; Dengue and Chikungunya being the other two of such diseases.  It grows in small ponds and vessels of water, like a flower pot...

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22 MARCH 2017

Amazing Tips to Get Rid of Sores on Roof of Mouth

Macro close up and depth of field (DOF) infection  in open mouth - infection of ulcer inside mouth

Many doctors and dentists hearing a common complaint from their patients are that their roof of mouth causes pain. Undoubtedly, the soft and delicate skin on the roof of one's mouth bears a lot of daily wear and tear....

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20 FEBRUARY 2017

Cardiac Rehabilitation Guidelines: A Healthier Heart for a Healthier Lifestyle


The prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and stroke is globally increasing. However, there are some evidence that cardiac rehabilitation delivers the adequate health benefits to the patients concerned, offering a better and healthier lifestyle. Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised...

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7 Life Habits to Prevent Heart Diseases

closeup of a doctor auscultating a red heart with a stethoscope and the text world heart day

The heart is the central organ of our body that has been beating since we begin breathing and will continue functioning until our last breath. Even a minor dysfunctioning of the organ and cardiologic system may cause horrible consequences...

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04 FEBRUARY 2017

4 Feb: World Cancer Day - Saving Million Preventable Deaths

Cancer has a significant impact on communities in the United States and societies across the world. According to World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Consequently, it is necessary to...

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01 FEBRUARY 2017

Get Relief from Sinusitis Pain - 8 Home Remedies

Headaches and minor ailments are something common in our lives that we experience due to lack of sleep, skipping meals and dehydration. And these often get healed within few hours of time by taking a relaxation break or a...

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26 January 2017

You Must Know This If You Have A Phobic Disorder!


We all have a fear of natural things, situations, and people harming or affecting our life in some ways - such as electric shock, earthquake, and robbers. However, some of us also have an unreasonable yet excessive fear to...

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24 January 2017

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is the Cervical Cancer Awareness Month which is a great chance to raise awareness regarding how women can improve their safety and protection from HPV and cervical cancer. According to the estimation made by Cancer.net: 12,990 US women...

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23 January 2017

9 Essentials of Medical Profession That Every Nurse Must Have

Every profession has its unique dress code and accessories that its performers must possess. Such items not only serve as a tool of distinctive identification but also ensure safety and effectiveness during job performance. When it comes to medical...

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