26 AUGUST 2016

DUI-What Should we Know | Community Education Pulse Uniform

For the past two decades, incidents involving drunk driving exponentially lessened that in 2010, there had only been 10,228 deaths recorded caused by vehicular accident attributed to driving under influence or driving while intoxicated. Though this resulted to a...

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15 AUGUST 2016

National Relaxation Day 2016 - Live Your Life..!

Sit on your comfortable couch, breath and relax! Yes, today is National Relaxation Day that is all about to remind you regarding the importance of relaxation in your life. With the growing number of patients and increasing demands from...

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29 AUGUST 2016

5 Ways to Quickly Solve a Bad Hair Day

woman have hair problem

If you have a job that allows you to work from home or at least possess a casual look when you're at the office, a bad hair day doesn't have to be bad news. You can simply throw on...

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03 AUGUST 2016

Meals-on-the-Go: 4 Smoothie Recipes to Try

Healthy organic food. Strawberry fruit drink smoothie

Healthy smoothies are great option for busy medical professionals who are always on the go. Green smoothie recipes as well as other smoothie options work as a meal replacement because they are packed with nutritious ingredients and are minimally...

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26 JULY 2016

How to Choose Your Most Flattering Color

picture of human hands of persons of different races

Before you revamp your wardrobe, take a few moments to answer the question, “What colors look good on me?” While most people can pull off a little bit of everything, there are undoubtedly some colors and shades that look...

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21 JULY 2016

How to Be Happy at Work

Happy man working on laptop

An overwhelming number of American employees are unhappy at work — over 50 percent in fact! Are you one of them? It's time to turn that frown upside down. Instead of settling for frustration or hopping from job to...

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11 JULY 2016

Why Are They Called Scrubs?

You may be old enough to remember a time when nurses wore all white, and scrubs wasn't a popular term in the English language. These days, many healthcare workers wear the same basic type of clothing on the job....

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14 JUNE 2016

Do I Really Need to Buy Maternity Scrubs?

Wink Scrubs Women's Maternity Mock Wrap Tops (WI-6445)

Maternity scrubs for nurses don't get the attention they deserve. When you're pregnant, your body is going to be more stressed than ever. Do what you can to make yourself more comfortable with soft, chic fabrics and designs that...

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23 MAY 2016

An Introvert's Guide to Thriving at Work


Extroverts seem to shine in medicine, but you can learn how to succeed as an introvert, too. You just have to learn how to manage your limitations while making the most of your strengths. In other words, do exactly...

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18 MAY 2016

5 Facts You Need to Know About MS - Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neural autoimmune disease. Neural refers to nerves system where as autoimmune refers to immune system which attacks itself. A healthy immune system protects the body from infection but the case is reversed in autoimmune...

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