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18 MAY 2016

10 Celebrities Who Donned Lab Coats Before Hitting It Big

Lab Coat

Medical professions include a wide variety of roles, so it's not a surprise to learn of many celebrities who are doctors or have otherwise worked in a healthcare field. From dental assistants to CNAs and registered nurses, some of...

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08 APRIL 2016

How to Pair Your Scrubs with the Right Shoes

Nursing Shoes

Our customers take time to look their best, and we're happy to help by offering such a wide range of scrubs for men and women of all sizes. Unfortunately, too many healthcare workers aren't sure how to pick out...

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07 FEBRUARY 2016

Tree Our Best Friends - Detail Environmental Statistics from Pulse Uniform

We know for a fact that trees are important especially to the environment and to the development of civilization. It is also valuable and necessary to our very own survival. And the continuous existence of trees is what makes...

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06 FEBRUARY 2016

Nursing Specialties Working Out of the Hospital Setting

Nursing Specialty Employers/Work Setting Education Other Requirements/Certifications Salary (average annually) Occupational Health Nurse Businesses, such as factories, mills, corporate offices, department stores, shopping malls, hospitals, and other large employers RN with AD, Diploma, or Bachelors of Science in Nursing...

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05 FEBRUARY 2016

Social Media for Nurses and Doctors

There's no question that the internet has changed the lives of modern Americans. Shopping, going to college classes, and ways to gather news have all been altered. Perhaps the most radical change has been the way in which people can now...

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04 FEBRUARY 2016

Medical Industry: One of the Major Users of Nonwoven Fabrics

Majority of the products manufactured and being vended in the market these days contain the same components found in fabrics. This is the prime reason why fabrics are very important. And if there is one industry that can be...

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03 FEBRUARY 2016

Nursing Uniforms of the Past and Present - Nurse Uniforms History

Nursing for the sick was a family obligation back then, so nurses were but family members. In some cases, though, where the sick has no family or is a settler from another land, a self-appointed nurse will attend to...

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02 FEBRUARY 2016

Nurse Interview

“We Have the Most Challenging Nursing Specialty”, said CCRN Ken and RN Violet 2 Nurses Proved that They Have the Most Challenging Specialty Our prime purpose of personally getting in touch with people who wear nursing scrubs is to...

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01 FEBRUARY 2016

Valentine's Day? No I'm working!

Nursing is a demanding and stressful job and at times it can rule over your personal life. You are always on your feet running around trying to get things done. You have patients to take care of, charts to...

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01 FEBRUARY 2016

25 Famous Nurses - Past to Present World's Popular Nurse Professionals

1. Florence Nightingale Founder of Modern Nursing (1820 to 1920) The history of modern nursing started in 1849, when Florence Nightingale began her first formal nursing training at the Institute of St. Vincent de Paul, in Alexandria, Egypt. After...

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