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Active Medical Scrubs Fashion for Healthcare Professionals

If you are thinking active fashion means reliable medical scrubs, you are right. And if you think active fashion means sporty medical scrubs, you are also right. Now, if you wonder how you can obtain such apparels just so you can use them in performing your overwhelming hospital tasks, we'd say, save the energy as Pulse Uniform got you covered.

Cool and sporty. A sporty design keeps a crisp and extra cool look that most active men and women will love having in their medical scrubs. Landau and Urbane will give you exactly that. The style and accent of a number of Landau scrubs feature contrast color side panels that you usually see in jerseys. If you're a male nurse and you can't seem to get enough with sports apparels, you'll surely have to have the kind of medical scrub. Urbane Sport collection has almost similar designs that would best fit female nurses. The latter uses a combination of polyester, cotton and spandex fabrics to match the clothing's feel with design, while those of Landau stayed with polyester and cotton mix for comfort. Also try the Cherokee Flexibles.

Tough on dirt. The next thing that a healthcare professional should effectively handle is dirt. Significantly, medical apparels having soil-release finish are a must. Thanks to Cherokee, White Swan, and Landau for providing just what healthcare workers need. Medical uniforms that incorporate soil-release finish come as scrub tops, scrub pants, scrub jackets, and lab coats. So whether you work in the medical uniform-hostile environment, like the ER, or simply attend to incoming patients, you will have the medical scrubs that are tough on dirt.

Bug buster. Just as you strive to stay active in order to provide the best patient care possible, harmful pathogens are also active in trying to bring you down. Sadly, most medical scrubs have no capacity to fight back, but not until Landau introduced the bioshield technology. It's the fabric innovation that uses microbiostatic barrier to protect the garment from microbial contamination by preventing growth of algae, bacteria, fungi, mildew, and yeast. Even illness-causing salmonella, e-coli, and pneumonia can be busted by bioshield. The said barrier has organosilone that pierces through the microbes' cell walls with the help of positively charged polymer. Pretty tough active wear, isn't it?