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How to Choose the Perfect Scrub Pants

Achieve a flattering look by making your bottom appear adorable rather than emphasizing what must be hidden. The secret to that is by wearing the right style, fitting and color of scrub pants that suit your body type, height, as well as size of butt, hips, thighs and legs. Here's how!

Flat Bottoms to Bigger Bum - The saggy and baggy looks are permanent problems of people with flat bottoms when it comes to ready-wear scrub pants. There is no known trick of finding snug-fitting ready-wear pants, except making the necessary alterations by cutting the excess fabric to make less room in the seat. This will require extra cost, but definitely less costly than having aesthetic surgery in order to have your most dreamed buttocks and a quicker solution than squat exercises. For some, though, the solution lies on shapewears lingerie. That should eliminate the need to make alterations for every new scrub pants you buy.

Heavy to Bottom-Smart - Close-fitting flare scrub pants are very ideal in deflecting attention from a generous bottom. But make sure they don't have zippers, pleats, and pockets (especially back pockets) as they add weight to the buttocks. If you need some muscle in that particular body part, well, those pockets are just what you need. Always consider the style of the pockets to make sure they don't add extra bulk.

V-Shaped to Proportional Legs and Midsection - The v-shape look is an all too common problem among overweight individuals because of the big midsection. And by wearing the wrong type of pants, that look is emphasized. The solution to this is as simple as making the midsection and the legs look more proportional. Wear straight leg scrub pants to create that proportional illusion. Make sure it has no pleats. You can also detract attention from the midsection by wearing dark scrub tops, and deflect it to the bottom with light shades of scrub pants.

Logs to Slimmer Thighs - Conceal them with dark blue or black scrub pants. But don't you know that other colors also have slimming effect? Beige, peach, khaki and even hot pink can make your legs look slimmer! So you might think again of leaving all the bright colors for the scrub tops. To further help you with that, choose wide leg, boot-cut, flare leg scrub pants or straight leg scrubs pants as they can effectively conceal the size. Another great option is the loose-fit scrub pants that give soft drapes. Never go for tapered pants as they will make things worse. And definitely no Capri scrub pants.

Short to Longer Legs - If you're a little short with height, wear dark solid color scrub pants with slimmer cut. You may also find scrub uniform pants with the vertical stripes; that one is also perfect. High-waisted scrub pants are also a perfect help, especially if it drapes down the nursing shoes just right. Avoid scrub pants with the cuffs getting in the way of the leg-lengthening effect.

Chicken Legs to Proportional Silhouette - Besides wearing slimmer top, it's a must to choose wide leg or flare leg scrub pants to create the illusion of having lower bottom areas that are more filled. Bootcut and straight leg scrubpants will also fit nicely; just make sure weight is minimized on the top. Avoid slim-fit scrub pants to not look like a stick figure.

Balance the Hourglass or Pear-Shape Body - For those with fuller hourglass or pear-shaped body, the wide leg or flare leg scrub pants will look best when worn with a top that is weightier. If you ought for slim leg scrub pants, a cardigan scrub jacket would help draw attention to your upper part, but no that heavy.

Straight Figure to Curvy Look - Flare leg scrub pants also suit people with straight body as it adds dimensions to the figure. In this case, though, it is also necessary to put more weight on the top to keep balance. Bootcut straight-leg scrub pants should also fit nicely, because of the drapes that make for a bottom-heavy look.

No Humungous for Petites - While tall and plus-size women will fit perfectly in scrub pants with wider legs than petites because of the height proportion, petite people must avoid super-wide leg scrub pants for it will shrink the height. Narrower legged pants to straight leg design will be more suitable. You can work it out with quality pants, paired with fashion scrub tops for an attractive look.

Patterns and Prints - If you want to style with print scrubs, remember the basic rules: "Patterns are for monotones. Monotones are for patters." The most common in the medical industry fashion is using solid colors or monotones as base for print scrub tops. Such a rule don't get motifs go confused, allowing the tangle of lines and patterns flow from a base, making the look more ornate.

Proper Length - While tall scrub pants create a taller look, they may also make you look unfit to your job description if it's gone all too long. Make sure the hem of your scrub pants levels just right with your nursing shoes. Mopping the floor is the utility employee's job, not yours. So don't drag and mop the floor with your scrub pants, and save from extra detergent cost and laundry effort as well.

High Rise or Low Rise? - Low rise for short waist and big bums, because it makes the torso look longer and hips and butt smaller. High rise are for those with long waist and big belly, for it elevates the waistline to make the torso look shorter and conceals as much fat as the height of the rise.