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A Guide to Career Resources for Nursing

By Zaf Udin 02/22/2012 Google+

The nursing profession has been an important part of the medical field for hundreds of years. In fact, the origins of nursing can be traced back to the 1800’s when volunteers would aid soldiers during time of war. Two of the most famous nurses during the Civil War were Clara Barton and Dorthea Dix. Both served by providing aid to injured during wartime.

However, the nursing profession began formalized training in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. In the United States, the first person to earn the title of Registered Nurse was Ellen Dougherty. She became the first person to pass the standardized exam in 1903. Over time nurses have played an important role in World War I and World War II. These nurses were crucial to providing professional medical care and undoubtedly saved thousands of lives.

Today the nursing profession is still one of the most respected in the medical field. Students finishing nursing schools now have many opportunities in the profession. They can choose one of several career paths including nurses assisting in maternity, emergency services, women’s health, pediatrics and in nursing homes. All of these nursing types provide an important function in the field. The variety also allows nurses to choose the field of nursing that is right for them.

We have a deep appreciation for the men and women who have entered the field of nursing and have dedicated their lives to helping others. We also want to encourage others to explore this profession as a possible career field. To help provide information to those who are interested, we have consulted with professionals in putting together this informative list of resources. We hope that you use this information wisely and make an informed choice about the profession or get a better understanding of these medical professionals:

Nursing History

  • Nursing History Resources – Informative and extensive collection of resources on the history of nursing through the years.

  • Origin of Nursing – Historical look at the beginnings and developments in nursing over time.

  • Museum of Nursing History – Website of a museum which was created to recognize the accomplishments of nurses and trace its history.

  • Civil War Nurses – Information on the nurses that treated soldiers during the United States Civil War.

  • History of Nursing – Basic information outlining the history of the nursing profession and nurses.

  • Nursing History – Helpful resources covering the major events and personalities in the history of nursing.

Types of Nurses

  • Types of Nurses – Overview of the various nursing educational programs which are available to students.

  • Nursing Specialties – Helpful page providing a brief outline of the various specialties that are available in nursing.

  • Types of Nursing Specialties – Informative resource covering a number of the nursing specialties with a brief narrative about each.

  • Nursing Specialties Descriptions – Useful site with information about a number of specialties in the field of nursing to help students decide which to pursue.

  • List of Nursing Specialties – Listing of a majority of the specialties that are available in the nursing profession.

Nursing Education Requirements

Nursing Jobs

  • Nursing Profession – Overview of the job of nurses providing information on a number of topics.

  • Online Resources – Resourceful site providing several key contacts and websites to find a nursing job.

  • Nursing Jobs – Portal of information on finding a job as a nursing professional in your field of specialty.

  • Finding a Nursing Job – Informative and helpful site providing a number of resources for nurses looking to find a job in their field.

Nursing Career Resources

  • National League for Nurses – Helpful site which provides information and links to sites for nurses to find career information.

  • Resources for Nursing Careers – Information from Boston College providing a number of helpful resources for students in the nursing field.

  • Nursing Career Resources – Useful page containing links and information on many topics in the field of nursing as a career.

  • Career Resources – Informative site with information providing help to nursing students and those looking to advance their careers in nursing.

  • Nursing Career Resource Guide – Page containing information on many areas of nursing as a career.

General Nursing Resources

We hope you enjoyed this information about nursing and the work of nurses. For more information, the resources on this page provide further information that can help answer your question.