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The Most Uncomfortable Uniforms

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The Most Uncomfortable Uniforms

Comfortable clothing basically depends on the weather and size, and at some point, the society where a person was raised and or living. Age can also be a big factor. For instance, teenagers will normally refer to school uniforms as the most uncomfortable uniforms ever, that they dread wearing them. In other countries, though, kids are far more tolerable about the issue. In fact, there are children who are very much proud of wearing the uniforms representing their schools while peer pressure, popularity and bullying stops at a considerable rate because they wear the same clothes.

Uncomfortable uniform is best characterized by the policewomen skirt uniform. Imagine policewomen chasing burglars in their skirts and two-inch high heels. While they may be too eager to catch a law infringer, the latter will just probably laugh at them as they struggle in their uniforms. Good thing some police departments in many lands have handed them uniform pants as well.

Far from favoring one gender from another, the Scottish pipe band show that they know what girls really mean when they say their skirt are uncomfortable. Their traditional clothing speaks out everything. Although, there's no doubt they showcase a very interesting and unique clothing design, most especially if they wear a complete uniform. A Scottish pipe band uniform should include feather bonnet, plaid, cross belt, horse sporran, waist belt and buckle, skean dhus, spats, flashes, and of course, piper's doublet.

China police women can be a little comfortable with their uniform, considering the flat-heeled boots and not very skimpy skirt. They are far better than the uniform of some Russian police women that besides the band-aid size skirt parades with their stiletto. See! We can make big steps. Guess the spectators enjoy it the most, though.

While wearing of school uniforms has been in intense debate among students, the world is simply unforgivable as many uniforms are still very uncomfortable, especially for women who have to wear mini skirts and high heels. Regarding the use of high heels, some experts are deeply concerned about the health risks that it could bring to the wearers. Women who need to wear them for at least 8 hours normally suffer from varicose veins and leg and muscle pain. And while pregnant, it could cause the unborn baby death if the wearer accidentally falls.

Students who are required to wear uniforms usually have to come to school in long sleeved shirts with tie, long sleeved sweater, sweater vest or blazer-jacket feel very uncomfortable when they are not allowed to take off their sweater even when the sun is scorching. Imagine yourself having to deal with sweat just to make sure you are able to graduate. And if the jacket has to be wool, you surely got to survive some kind of a torture. Girls who don't like dress pants, skirts, knee socks or tights feel they're oppressed. What about those in the third gender? They feel disgusted of themselves, and can't maximize their capability to excel in different activities, although primary school student wouldn't really mind.