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3 Things to Know in Layering Scrub Uniforms for Fashion

By Zaf Udin 05/20/2011 Google+

The different seasons let you wear a great variety of clothes, from the thin and roomy summer outfits to the thick and warm winter fashion. In all four seasons, layering keeps an outstanding spot. It does not only work to bring comfort but also improved look among men and women who seek to hide away their real figures. But before you pull that cart, let us first go through these three important points on how to achieve that great layered look with the use of scrub uniforms.

1. Layers easily chop height. The horizontal stripes have become too obvious at trying to hide height, and can oftentimes be hard to pull off when you want to incorporate one or two more colors. Layering can easily do that, however. Wearing a white short lab coat over dark colored scrub top can make your torso appear shorter. Very easy to do as most lab coats are white and scrub tops come in many different solid colors. And with the cover letting the top peep from below makes the silhouette look chopped. Significantly, shorter people should be careful with layers.

In layering for fashion, keep the longer garment closer to your body and the shorter scrub uniforms pieces on top of the layer.

2. Layers can add bulk. Plus size people are challenged by this fact. But by staying away from ruffles, puffs, and anything that looks chunky, and focusing on scrub tops colors, they can look outstanding. Dark color over light color keeps the silhouette look thinner, while drawing attention from the generous parts to the face. If you want just one color but do not want that monochromatic look, choose shades that are close to one another. Be sure to keep the darker ones on the top layer. To avoid looking shapeless, find scrub jackets, lab coats or vests that feature princess cut.

In layering for fashion, add cinch on the smallest area of your waist to purposely create shape.

3. Layers can emphasize hips. Pear shaped people can either benefit on layers or make their bottom look heavier. A long fitted warm-up jacket or hip-long lab coat will hide your heavy bottom. Keep the outer layer unbuttoned to camouflage difference of waist and hip measurement. It would also help if you wear high-waist dark colored scrub pants, with the well-fitted light colored inner layer tucked in it.

In layering for fashion, choose scrub tops with different shapes of necklines to help draw attention from the big hips to the less heavy area.