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5 Simple Ideas to Create New Look with Nursing Scrubs

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5 Simple Ideas to Create New Look with Nursing Scrubs

So you want to always look as fashionable as possible while caring for patients. Perhaps, you've been thinking about what to do with your sense of fashion to make a little improvement, but the challenge comes with the fact that health care workers spend all their years in the profession wearing only nursing scrubs and lab coats. Maybe, you want changes every time. How? Simply create different looks with a weekly nursing scrubs theme.

This week, you look fabulous with the print scrubs from Cherokee scrubs. Next week, you dress a little rugged with basic scrubs and cargo pants. The week after next week, you wear girly pink scrub tops. After that, you wear some elegant looking pairs of scrub tops and pants. And then, you may make use of warm-up scrub jackets and or lab coats. You may create different themes according to seasons, celebrations, or just pretty anything that comes to your mind.

  • Print scrub tops should give you enormous theme ideas. You may go a little fanatic of cartoon characters, wearing print scrubs featuring Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty, Pooh or any cartoon character. If you want to be a little daring without baring skin or wearing body fit scrub tops and scrub pants, let smart Betty Boop inspired print scrub top do it for you. For days of living the environment-friendly persona, animal and floral scrub prints are also available. And if, at the moment, you feel very passionate and so much in love, heart prints are just perfect. But if you simply can't explain yourself, go for scrub tops with graphic or abstract prints. That should suffice 1 month and a week already. Well, you may also choose to wear them all in just one whole week, a different type of print everyday.

  • Pick the color-of-the-week theme. Many people actually practice this not because they don't have much fashion sense, but they don't want to spend so much time on just choosing the wardrobe of the day. This also allows for the old scrub tops to accompany you at work again. More so, colors help you hide or show moods. If you want lively look, vibrant solid color Urbane scrubs would best suit. However, if you like it a little calm and quiet, very light colors to darker colors are ideal to use. Wearing different colors will also give you the chance to experience how it feels like walking and working in other colors of medical uniforms that you haven't ever tried before.

  • Live in elegance theme. It makes you feel invigorated when you dress up sometimes, even if you'll have to just soil yourself with the hospital scent. Modern style with professional touch in a close to corporate color, you would well look a more respectable. Barco uniforms and Landau scrubs are among the best choices for this. Don't forget to also wear a little make-up, and tuck hair neatly. Besides being able to go out of the box, elegant style of nursing scrubs could make you feel better as well.

  • Top it up with warm-up scrub jackets and lab coats. Closing to the winter season, long sleeves should work best in providing some warmth. But they sure give you some edge in achieving a fashionable look just as how fashion fleece coats, boots, and other winter clothes become a hit during this season. Putting on a cozy warm up jacket or a consultation lab coat instantly transforms one into very professional-looking health care worker.

  • Go with the seasons theme. Seasons don't only refer to spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons. It could also mean celebration being commemorated in the medical world, and or internationally, like breast cancer awareness month. So it's either you wear solid color medical scrubs for celebrations or print scrubs for specific season within the year.

Simple ideas, easy to follow!